Thursday, July 3, 2014

Roses, Star Trek and Quilts!

It has been a while since my last post.  I'm not sure how that happened.  June went by in a series of one rain storm after another.  My garden has certainly been challenged after the hard winter and then the continued pelting of rain.  My rose bushes are definitely not as vibrant as last year but the ones that survived the winter are holding their own.  Between raindrops I have been working at the Texas size weeds that seem intent on taking over everything.

A couple weeks ago my mother, sister and I went on the Master Gardener tour.  We got a wonderful reprieve from the rain that day to enjoy some beautiful gardens.  I am sure the people who opened their yards to us were holding their breath for good weather.  I have attached just a few pictures that inspired me from that tour.

 I loved this door that led nowhere.  This particular yard was very wooded and landscaped beautifully.  It was surrounded by a heavy woods and deep ravine.
 When we first stepped into this yard I thought they had a CD playing somewhere and was fascinated when I stumbled upon the real thing!  The music was beautiful and added to the charm.  My photography skills aren't the best as you can see that I managed to cut my sister in half on the right side of the photo.

 I loved these lillies and hostas that surrounded a sweet little statue!

Last weekend we took our grandson and his friend to the small town of Riverside for the Trek Fest.  Not really a Star Trek fan myself, I was not particularly looking forward to the day, but was surprised at how much fun it actually was.  As we waited for the parade to begin the dark clouds rolled in but miraculously brought with them no rain, only a nice cover from the hot sun.

I hadn't been to a "small-town" parade in many years.  They did a great job of weaving the futuristic Star Trek atmosphere in with the small town patriotism and enthusiasm.  I never expected to see Klingons tossing out candy from a float but here they are.

After finding the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk we relaxed in the beautiful town park, listening to a fun band and eating barbecue.   Then hubby and I decided to drive to the Amish town of Kalona to look around while the boys enjoyed the rest of the Trek fest.  We enjoyed poking around in a couple of cute shops.  I was on a mission to find ice cream but instead stumbled upon a great little quilt shop.

I am still hand quilting my current work in progress.  I took a little hiatus from it for a while but am back now going strong.  It is about 80% quilted.  In the meantime here is a little wall quilt that I made about ten years ago.  Half the time I forget to get it out until July 4th has come and gone.

This weekend we are painting my granddaughter's bedroom.  But will also find time for a little family cook-out and of course, fireworks.  I hope you all have a great weekend, filled with fun, sparkle, family and friends!