Monday, February 17, 2014

An Unexpected Gift

There was a stillness in the air like sometimes happens when a heavy snow is falling.  I stood for a few minutes and watched it fall, heavy and white against the trees, blanketing everything with a crystal sheen.  Beautiful!  I drank in the few moments of stillness before I went inside to begin my work day.  In the midst of the usual Monday morning chaos - that unexpected stillness was a gift.
May your Monday be filled with the peace of silent nature!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Old Man Winter Drama

"What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."  Author unknown.
The winter winds are howling across the US, in places where they are certainly not welcome.  My sister who lives in the north Georgia mountains said they are expecting 7 to 10 inches today on top of the several inches they already have.  She lives in an area of winding mountain roads with steep ravines on either side, so travel is treacherous.  Luckily for her she can work from home and not have to travel the 70 miles commute to her job in Atlanta. 

Here in Iowa we have certainly had our share of snow, but not as much as other years.  The extreme cold has put us in the deep freeze for weeks though. Listening to the wind howl puts me in mind of the early settlers who huddled in their log houses or soddies, bundled against the wind and snuggling close to the fire, while their hands kept busy braiding rugs or making quilts to keep the family warm.  Hardy people, they must have been. 

 Their form of transport was the horse and wagon, or a team of oxen plodding slowly through the snow.  Even in our modern age, when ice is on the road, we are still plodding slowly.  This particular day the ice was so bad on the roads I despaired of ever getting home!

I am so thankful for our warm home and crackling fireplace.  It is a good time of year to snuggle in and knit, or pick up that hand quilting and enjoy the warmth.

 My granddaughter pieced this Dresden Plate block for her teacher.  She did a good job.  I am proud of her. 

So I'll snuggle into the warmth and keep on stitching because each new sunrise brings us closer to the end of winter.

And the dreams of spring!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Imaginings

There is something magical about a fresh snowfall.

 Standing out on the front porch looking at the neighborhood blanketed with a cool crisp look, I am taken back to the winters of my youth.  Sledding, ice skating, cold red cheeks and warm mittens.  How many hours were spent building snow forts and snowmen, while freezing my toes and feeling the flakes land delicately on my face.  

A new snow seems to be a time when anything is possible.  I was able to conjure up an old photo or myself at seven years old with my cat Maverick.  I really was a child once.  It wasn't so very long ago - in my mind at least.

That photo sent me digging for a poem I wrote a couple years ago that I wanted to share.


I stepped on the snow
what a wonderful feel
it crackled and popped
with a wintry thrill.

Above and around
the snow circled and fell
it coated the branches
the porch and the well.

The ice from the storm
glittered bright on the trees
I knew I should hurry
or my nose it would freeze.

But the world was now silent
a beautiful white
and the sight of the cardinal
filled me with such delight.

The flakes swirled and dipped
and skittered ahead
for a moment I pictured me
on that old sled.

With visions of ice skates
and scenes from my past
I stepped on the snow
and  fell flat on my ass.

Whatever your age I hope that you are finding magic in a world covered in white.  Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Football, Knitting and British TV

Yesterday was  a bright sunny morning here in central Iowa even though today a winter storm is ripping across the state. 

Sunday was a busy day starting with church with the family.  After lunch we finished some much needed house cleaning.  I don't know where all that dust comes from!  When we were finished  I sat down with a cup to tea to relax for a few minutes and was immediately struck with the way the sunlight filtered into the house, bouncing across the carpet  and sliding across the furniture.  I had to get up and take a picture.  

I finished knitting my shawl and got it blocked on Saturday.  I was pleased with the way it turned out and happy with my choice of color.  I wore it to church and got lots of compliments.  The picture below doesn't show the true colors, pale green, yellow, teal and eggshell.  I have already started on another one that is a very open weave design in a golden tan alpaca.  Very pretty.  The one downside of knitting that I don't like is the way the wool dries out my fingers as it glides across the tops of my hands.

Tomorrow I will get out my fabric and hopefully finish the last border on my quilt.  I have decided that I am going to hand quilt it in circles, using various size lids and bottles to draw my design.  I got that idea from Tim Latimer's blog.  Can't wait until I can put it together and start the quilting!

While we waited for the start of the Super Bowl pre-game, Polly stretched out in the afternoon light and took a nap. She was exhausted from all my housecleaning and the noise of the vacuum cleaner.  

I wasn't impressed with the game.  I am still holding a grudge that my 49ers didn't make it.  Hubby didn't even spend time hollering at the screen because the score was so ridiculous.  It would have been nice if Denver had put up more of a fight.  The commercials weren't all that entertaining either.  What a complainer I am! 

It was a relief to switch over to Downton Abbey at 8:00!  I love all the wonderful characters, but just adore the zingers that Maggie Smith throws out at Isobel!  Which reminds me......Larry was out shopping and brought me a gift,  

He's such a good guy!!!

football knitting and British TV