Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Promise of Spring

Spring has finally stopped teasing us here in central Iowa and decided to hang around.  The trees are budding and clumps of green are showing around the garden. I haven't been brave like some of my friends and uncovered my perennials yet but I am off work this week so maybe by the end of the week that will happen.  The arrival of spring is a good excuse to visit Chocolaterie Stam for some wonderful coffee and a few pieces of chocolate.  My girlfriend and I did just that. So Good!!

This time of year there is such a renewal in the air.  It makes me want to re-arrange, de-clutter and soak in the joy of the changing season.

As though it wants to shout Hallelujah to the coming Easter weekend, one of my amaryllis is blooming beautifully.  The other one hasn't decided yet if spring is really here to stay so it's slower to open up and say good morning to the world.  My mother brought these two beautiful plants to me when she moved back here from Georgia eight years ago.  They grew happily in her lovely yard but here in Iowa I treat them with fragile care and they repay me with glorious blooms!

Yesterday it was such a glorious day that we loaded up the dogs in the truck and headed for a walk In the woods.  Squirrels were chattering overhead and a woodpecker was drumming away somewhere in the massive oaks.  I saw this banner ahead of us across the creek and was curious so we had to go that way.  

Two teenage boys had just finished writing the sign below with sticks in the sand of the creek bed.  One of them told us he was going to bring his girlfriend here later and this was his way of asking her to prom.  How sweet!  I told him I was impressed to know that someone his age could be so romantic!  Polly was very interested in the sign but contented herself with a long drink in the creek.

I hope you all can find a little spring magic and romance this weekend!

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