Thursday, April 3, 2014

To De-Clutter....or NOT!

This weekend I was putting away a few piles of fabric that I had used to make the border on my current quilt in progress.  No matter how much I rearranged there just was not room in the drawers to get the correct colors put back with each other.  How could this be?  I keep vowing that I am going to use up my scraps and I faithfully do it, but then somehow other fabric just seems to show up on my cutting table begging to be included.  I know I could make quite a few quilts using just what I have without making one more purchase.  Why is it that those colorful bolts of fabric just call from the shelf begging to come home with me?   While I was folding and straightening and grumbling that I need more storage space I came across a scrap of fabric that I had used in an apron. 

That led me on a whole other search.  Where was that pattern?  I had made an apron for myself and my sister Laurie. I'm the one on the right.  It was such a simple pattern and it occurred to me that I could use up a whole lot more fabric if I made some of these aprons as gifts.  Since I have been displaced from my sewing room to make it a bedroom for my grandson I have sewing stuff stashed in various places.  One thing led to another and soon I had a mess everywhere while looking for that particular pattern.  I got to thinking that I really should de-clutter.  Do I really need all this fabric, all these pattern books, all these rulers?  Am I a hoarder?  What a thought! I looked around at my mess, at all the lovely patterned cottons, this one was made into a baby quilt, and that one was a scrap left over from a quilt for my mom.  And then I knew.  I did need it all.  I just needed more space to put it.  Another cabinet?  Another closet?  Another room maybe???  I knew that if my husband could be inside my head he would begin to worry.   But in the meantime where is that scrap of lavender?

As I began putting everything away I realized that I never did own that pattern.  I had borrowed it from a friend.  I hope you all have a marvelous day! Quilt a stitch for me……


  1. Oh my dear…ROFL…I thought I was perhaps reading a post I could have possibly written. I wondered if I was a hoarder too. I don't think I want to know the answer, LOL. My sewing space is a real mess right now too. I will be doing a bit of cleaning up this weekend to get my head straight.
    TFS and I really enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Thanks! Another way of looking at a hoarder is "a person who is always prepared for something they just might need in the future." LOL Seems like a sewing room is either extremely neat which means there's been literally no activity or a complete wreck which means creative minds and fingers have been at work. Have a great weekend!